Loudly Empowered.

Aligned Values: Freedom of Expression & Restorative Justice

Length of time in Business: 1 Year

Location of Business: Buffalo

Superpower: Bravest of them All 

Fun Fact: Rincon Puerto Rico is literally our favorite place to vaca in Puerto Rico and also happens to Dianelix's home town .. So many reasons to love her this month...

Look for Dianelix's full interview in your local latino owned papers across New York State.

LIBNY Loves:

Ying Yang Bag 

Literally life is all about balance. WE LOVE LOVE this unique bag that is a statement all in itself. 

at $30.00 (vegan leather) we are good to go <3 

LIBNY Loves:

Defining Business personally..

Individually and with our unique Latina lens. Above Dianelix talks about what being a businessperson means to her. 

LIBNY Loves: 

Green round wood canna-earring

So these lightweight earrings are our fav because simple is more. They come in four colors which make them perfect for a changing mood but green (obviously) is our favorite! 

at $20.00 they are the perfect gift to share with your favorite green soul sister.